Build Consensus for the Positioning Statement

This lesson provides guidance about how to help stakeholders quickly understand the thinking behind your proposed positioning statement. By doing so, they are more likely to get behind the positioning statement or suggest a better one. During consensus building, remember to be open to input that leads to a more compelling positioning statement. Also covered in this lesson:

  • What goes into your stakeholder presentation including the steps you took to come up with viable positioning statement options
  • The two ways to test the viability of positioning statement options:
    • Four Criteria
    • Ask “So what?”
  • Involving as many stakeholders as possible takes time but it’s worth it to achieve consensus and alignment


Download Achieving Consensus for the Positioning Statement Worksheet and start talking to your key stakeholders.

Build Consensus for the Positioning Statement

*If you are completing the course as an individual, this is an important step to get feedback from stakeholders. If a presentation is not feasible, informally seek feedback from key stakeholders.


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