We help B2B software (SaaS) and technology companies converge on positioning and messaging that makes it easier for buyers to buy

Buyers of B2B software and technology are looking for reasons to make a quick decision but many marketing, product marketing and sales teams aren’t cooperating. They fail to communicate what matters to buyers who only care about how you solve their problems and why you are different.

Instead they see and hear what they could care less about – the wonders of a company and its “transformational” products. This all too familiar scenario features lousy leads or not enough good leads, long sales cycle, price wars and the dreaded “no decision.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Messages that Matter - Differentiation

Messages that Matter has helped B2B software and technology companies in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe position in a way that makes it easier for buyers to buy their products. We use a unique, proven positioning framework – based on our extensive knowledge and experience – to guide you step-by-step through the positioning strategy process.

By following the framework you’ll converge on a positioning statement your target audience will notice and take action because it is important – it solves a pressing target audience problem – and differentiates you from the competition.

In B2B technology marketing, your message strategy is the foundation for everything you do. It needs to be strong or your marketing efforts will fall apart.

Here’s why an important, unique claim makes it easier for buyers to buy:

  1. Buyers only care about themselves, and how you solve their problems, not the wonders of your product or the brilliance of your company. They will respond favorably when you express a benefit that solves one of their most pressing problems.
  2. Differentiation helps buyers make a decision faster. According to Neuromarketing, the decision-making portion of the brain is looking for a reason to make a fast decision.
  3. Powerful, unique claims attract prospects because they highlight the difference, gap, or disruption the decision-making portion of the brain is seeking to justify a quick decision.

You can go to this page for more information about how to differentiate.

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Summaries our framework step-by-step. Helps you decide if we're a fit.


Learn everything you need to know to do effective positioning on your own.


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5-week program tailored to your situation. Coaching and guidance throughout.

Several ways to learn and apply our positioning framework

Messages that Matter offers several different ways to help you create a positioning strategy that makes it easier for buyers to buy. A book written by co-founder Lawson Abinanti is the foundation for consulting engagements, a workshop, an online course and a detailed workbook. Here’s a short overview of each one:

  1. “Positioning that makes it easier for buyers to buy” is based on a framework developed by co-founder Barry Briggs while he was at Microsoft in the mid-80s. The book takes you through our framework step-by-step and includes exercises, reminders and summaries after each lesson.
  2. A five-week consulting package starts with a workshop tailored to your situation. We collaborate with you to create a positioning strategy that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the competition.
  3. A 90-minute workshop is available online or on-site and presents everything you need to know to create a compelling positioning strategy on your own. The on-site workshop includes afternoon break-out sessions that attendees apply what they have learned in the morning session.
  4. The online course includes 12 lessons and when you get through them, you’ll have created your positioning strategy.
  5. The workbook is included in all the ways you can learn our positioning framework. It provides detailed guidance every step of the way as you create your positioning strategy.

No matter how you learn the framework, you’ll be able to determine that a positioning statement is important, unique, believable and useable in all marketing communications. A positioning statement that meets the four criteria makes it easier for buyers to buy.

The positioning framework we use has been fine-tuned through use by companies big and small throughout the world including Timeline, TM1 Software (now owned by IBM), two companies Microsoft acquired (Navision and FRx Software) and market leaders such as ADP Canada and CSC.

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