Introduction to positioning for competitive advantage


The informative book guides you through Messages that Matter’s positioning framework step-by-step. You’ll learn how to stand out from the crowd in your market by making a claim that is unique and important; it addresses the target audience’s No. 1 problem.

“Introduction to positioning for competitive advantage” includes summaries of each chapter, tips, reminders, exercises, scenarios and links to relevant blogs written since 2014 by Messages that Matter co-founder Lawson Abinanti, who compiled and wrote the book.

How to differentiate is covered extensively in the book, which includes a companion perceptual mapping tool that makes it easy to see how your company is positioned relative to the competition. When your position is important and unique, you’ll have a competitive advantage because most B2B software companies fail to differentiate.

But an important, unique positioning statement is useless unless it is consistency executed in all marketing communications, and repeated over and over for an extended period of time. The book explains that target buyers will listen when sellers demonstrate an understanding of their problems, and clearly communicate the benefit it offers to solve the problem. Then keep repeating it over and over.

The book complements Messages that Matters’ workshop that is offered on-line or on-site. The book costs $49 and includes the perceptual mapping tool.

Before you buy the book, you can read a quick overview of the positioning framework. Please fill out this form to get the free eBook or click here to purchase the $49 version:

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