How we’re unique

A Unique Approach to Positioning

Although we occasionally perform turnkey message strategy development, we have consistently found that message development works best when clients actively engage in the process, and learn our position framework. We are teachers first. One of our overarching principles is that we transfer our knowledge to our clients.

When you work with Messages that Matter your marketing team learns how to communicate compelling benefits that build customer demand while differentiating your products from the competition. We customize every client relationship with appropriate combinations of:

  • Message research and analysis to profile opportunities
  • Workshop training to transfer knowledge
  • Hands-on, team-based message development
  • Ongoing analysis of effectiveness

Prospective customers are inundated with commercial messages-as many as 5,000 to 10,000 message impressions every day.

Without highly refined positioning, the most creative marketing campaigns will fail to change target audience behavior. We help you develop powerful positioning that creates market opportunity by:

  • Stimulating product awareness and consideration
  • Changing market conditions
  • Raising competitive barriers
  • Motivating employees

Companies who employ our positioning framework realize demonstrable gains in market awareness and demand.

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