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Always know when a competitor's position changes

You should be on alert when one of your competitors changes its position. A new position signals it’s time to watch that competitor more closely. It could signal a change in management, in marketing leadership or even a change in strategic direction.

Do you have the time, resources and knowledge required to detect when a competitor has changed positions, and then conduct a thorough analysis to determine its ramifications?

Immediately after a change is detected, Messages that Matter’s monitoring and alerting service provides an analysis of what it means and what needs to be done if anything.

Subscribe to the service to receive the following:

  • An initial competitive positioning audit
  • An alert when a competitor’s position changes and a report that explains ramifications, if any
  • Monthly status report that includes a detailed analysis of one competitor’s positioning effectiveness
  • Buzzword analysis

The audit determines how you and your competitors are positioned relative to each other. Positioning is the mental space in your target audience’s mind that you can own with an idea that has compelling meaning to the recipient. You can claim a position in your market through repetition of your position over an extended period of time like at least 18 months.

We use a technique called perceptual mapping to monitor your competitors’ positions. Perceptual mapping makes it easy to see how you are positioned relative to your competitors. It shows which competitors are threatening your position, and the severity of the threat. This perceptual map shows how Business Intelligence software companies are positioning their products in early 2021:

BI Perceptual Map

At the end of the month, you get a competitive update that includes the latest perceptual map and a thorough analysis of one competitors’ positioning strategy; you select the competitor. Effectiveness of your competitor’s message strategy execution is evaluated by reviewing the competitors’ website and other marketing communications such as e-mails, brochures, press releases and Google Adwords.

The alerting and monitoring service tracks buzzword usage. Competitors who make liberal use of buzzwords like “transform,” “empower,” and “insight” aren’t giving as much thought as they should to how they communicate. This is good news for you, and useful competitive intelligence. It tells you something about the competitors’ culture, and the use of buzzwords makes them sound like everyone else.

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