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Competing technology companies often employ the same message strategies in communicating to prospective customers.

It’s no wonder that these strategies fail to stimulate customer awareness and consideration. In our analyses of client message strategies, we frequently see the following problems:

  • Confusion about the differences between features, advantages, and benefits
  • Failure to state any compelling benefit
  • A “shotgun” approach to stating benefits
  • Lack of differentiation (using the same benefits as the competition)
  • Specialist jargon that assumes prospect understanding
  • Benefit statements that are too long to be understood by prospects
  • Claims that fail any reasonable test of credibility

How can you assess your own company’s message effectiveness? See if you encounter any of the following problems:

  • Sales personnel who “wing” it by making up whatever story they think will sell
  • Brochures and other materials that don’t get used
  • Inconsistent messages delivered across varying media
  • Lack of internal agreement about how to describe a product
  • Difficulty in developing unified messages for multiple products
  • Poor differentiation with your competitors

Messages that Matter has developed a systematic positioning framework to resolve these problems. We give you the knowledge and tools you need to develop powerful messages that build awareness and demand.

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