Free eBook summaries MtM's positioning framework

Not sure whether Messages that Matter’s positioning framework is a good fit for you? Download our free eBook that covers every aspect of the positioning framework we teach and use during consulting engagements. The eBook presents the assumptions, steps, questions and evaluation criteria needed to create a compelling, unique positioning strategy.

“Introduction to positioning that makes it easier for buyers to buy” provides enough detail that you’ll be able to determine if Messages that Matter can help you.

The eBook covers the following:

  • The 3C’s of successful positioning.
  • How to create and test your message strategy which includes a positioning statement and support points.
  • How to get target audience’s attention with a benefit-oriented positioning statement.
  • Why “copycat” marketing doesn’t work; why a unique, compelling story does.
  • Three Key Assumptions to start brainstorming sessions.
  • Four Questions to ask during message strategy creation.
  • The Three “Whats” – What is it? What does it do? What does it deliver?
  • The Four Criteria for evaluating your positioning statement.

The eBook includes a step-by-step guide plus other concepts and techniques that help clients develop a message strategy that makes it easier for buyers to buy. Download the eBook by filling out this form:

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