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Our practice focuses on positioning and message strategy development for business-to-business (B2B) software and technology companies. Messages that Matter was founded in 2001 by Lawson Abinanti and Barry Briggs. Barry retired several years after the company was founded. We have been in business long enough that many software companies we’ve helped no longer exist such as Applix, Crystal Decisions, Epic Data, FRx Software,  Navision and Timeline.

More than 1,000 B2B marketers around the world have learned Messages that Matter’s business process for positioning. Barry developed the process at Microsoft in the mid 80s, and left the company to do positioning and message strategy consulting. Lawson engaged Barry at Timeline, Applix and Navision in Denmark. Lawson and Barry fine tuned the process while positioning more than 15 products at Navision.

Lawson Abinanti

Lawson has more than 25 years of executive management experience in the software industry. As a marketing, sales, and business development professional, he recognizes the importance of effective positioning in building product awareness, demand, consideration, and trial. During his tenure as director of product marketing at Navision Software a/s, Lawson was responsible for the development of world-wide positioning strategies for over 15 Navision products. His previous experience as vice president of marketing for Timeline and TM1 Software and director of marketing at Applix has given him in-depth understanding of the B2B category. Prior to entering the software industry, Lawson worked as a professional journalist.

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