Get started with five-week consulting engagement

Unlike consulting firms that do all the work involved in positioning your product, Messages that Matter collaborates with you as your high-level message strategy is being created. All our consulting engagements begin with a five-week program and these goals:

  • Provide coaching and guidance to help you converge on a high-level message strategy that is important to your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.
  • Transfer our knowledge and expertise so you can do positioning on your own or with just a little help from us.

We start consulting engagements with our workshop tailored to your situation.  The workshop takes you through our positioning framework step-by-step.  Before we conduct the workshop, we determine how your competitors are positioned relative to each other. We use the custom competitive assessment during the workshop and throughout the five-week program.

As you progress through the five-week engagement, we explain why we suggest a certain direction, and specific actions. The deliverables are a rationale document and high-level message strategy that includes your positioning statement, three to four support points and three sub-support points for each support point.

Once the five-week engagement has been completed, you can decide whether you need our help to flush out the message strategy in more detail. Or you may understand our positioning framework enough to finish the message strategy in enough detail to accommodate all your marketing situations.

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