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If you have any of the problems listed below, our workshop – available online or on-site – can help you overcome them.  “Positioning that makes it easier for buyers to buy” solves the following problems commonly found in B2B software and high-technology marketing:

  • Failure to differentiate.
  • Long sales cycles due to market confusion; i.e., copycat marketing.
  • Multiple benefit claims that compete against each other for prominence and effectiveness.
  • Claims that fail any reasonable test of credibility.
  • Marketing campaigns fail because the message does not matter to the target audience.
  • Spending hours debating what to say in the next marketing campaign.
  • The product marketing team can’t keep up with demand for lead generation programs and campaigns.
  • Lack of understanding about what will resonate with the target audience.

The 90-minute, online workshop takes you through our positioning framework step-by-step. You will discover an easy, logical, framework that helps you converge on a positioning strategy that makes it easier for buyers to buy.

Workshop available on-site or online (signup below)

While both the online and on-site workshops cover the same content and concepts, the on-site option is customized to your situation.

Companies who elect to have the workshop conducted on-site extend the value of it through “hands-on” breakout sessions in the afternoon. Participants work in small groups to apply what they learned to real world situations. Then each group shares their findings.

Attendees online or on-site receive a 60-page book designed to complement the workshop and serve as a reference guide when you are doing positioning on the job. They also receive a fill-in-the-blanks workbook that provides guidance as they progress through the framework.

A summary of what you’ll learn

The workshop teaches you the assumptions, steps, questions and evaluation criteria to help you create a compelling, unique position that sets you apart from your competitors. It presents examples of successful message strategies, which can be created for any product, service, solution, campaign, etc. – literally anything you need to communicate to your target market. The workshop covers the following:

  • The 3Cs of successful positioning.
  • How to get target audience’s attention with a benefit-oriented positioning statement.
  • Why copycat marketing doesn’t work; why a unique, compelling story does.
  • How to create a message strategy and manage it to make it easier for buyers to buy.
  • How to document message strategies that serve as the foundation for all marketing.
  • The importance of consistency and repetition.

… Plus other concepts and techniques you can use to develop your message strategy:

  • Analyzing the 3C’s – your customers, competition and channel (how you sell either direct or through partners.
  • Three Key Assumptions to start brainstorming sessions.
  • Four Questions to ask during message strategy creation.
  • The Three “Whats” – What is it? What does it do? What does it deliver?
  • The Four Criteria for evaluating your positioning statement.
  • Testing potential message strategies by applying them.

“Positioning that makes it easier for buyers to buy” has been taught to more than 1,000 professionals in B2B software and technology companies worldwide. They have used it to develop positioning that helps them stand out in their crowded markets.

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    Messages that Matter; 12411 SE 4th Place, Bellevue, WA 98005

    You can have the most fantastic business-to-business (B2B) software or technology solution, but it’s not going to win in the market until it wins its own unique position in your prospects’ minds.

    Learn a proven framework that will help you own a special position with real meaning to your target market. Messages that Matter offers a “how-to” positioning workshop on-site or on-line that gives your company the knowledge and tools to position for marketing success. Click here to download our positioning workshop brochure.

    The workshops present a proven framework for developing positioning strategies that create awareness and demand for your B2B software, solution or service. The benefits of effective positioning include:

    • Increased sales, market share and profit
    • Stronger preference for your company’s brands
    • Higher competitive barriers
    • Committed, lifetime customers
    • Marketing efficiency

    In the positioning workshops, taught by Messages that Matter co-founder Lawson Abinanti, you learn how to create compelling, unique positioning strategies. Learn how to create a benefit-oriented message strategy that address your target markets’ most pressing concern, and the importance of executing it consistently in all marketing communications.

    On-site workshops start with a morning session detailing our positioning framework, followed by an afternoon session in which teams apply what they have learned.

    The morning session and the on-line workshop present a framework that clarifies the assumptions, procedures, questions and evaluation criteria needed to develop effective positioning for your product, service, solution, offering or company. It includes:

    • Three Key Assumptions to start brainstorming
    • Analyzing the Three Cs – customers, competition and channel
    • Three Questions to ask during message strategy development
    • The Three “Whats” – What is it? What does it do? What does it deliver?
    • The Four Criteria for evaluating your positioning statement
    • Validating potential positioning strategies

    Our positioning framework addresses several problems commonly found in B2B high technology marketing, such as:

    • Me-Too Marketing – Competitors often employ virtually identical message strategies in communicating to prospective customers;
    • The message does not matter to the target audience. Marketing campaigns fail because they are not carefully targeted nor do they communicate a compelling benefit.
    • Claims that fail any reasonable test of credibility;
    • Long sales cycles due to market confusion; i.e., unclear, me-too marketing;
    • Product is Hero – The mistaken belief that positioning is about the product and its features.
    • A shotgun approach that usually misses the target by claiming multiple benefits instead of a single, compelling benefit message.

    The morning and on-line session conclude with an explanation about how to develop support points for the positioning statement, how to manage your message, and the benefits of an effective message strategy.

    The on-line workshop lasts 90 minutes, and usually goes longer. Questions are answered throughout the workshop. The on-line workshop fee is $397 and includes an Excel application (not available for purchase) that creates perceptual maps that make it easy to see how you are positioned relative to the competition. The fee also includes a 20-minute coaching session to review your work that results from following the positioning framework step-by-step.

    The on-site positioning workshop includes afternoon hands-on breakout sessions during which your marketing and product marketing professionals apply what they have just learned in the morning session. Topics are tailored to your specific needs and can include: 1) an analysis of competitors’ positioning strategies; 2) assessment of your existing positioning and message strategy; 3) positioning a new product, solution or service. In each case, small groups work independently and then present and defend their findings in front of the group.

    Workshop participants learn to create well-documented message strategies that serve as the foundation for all marketing communications. By creating a message strategy, you can more easily deliver the same message across all marketing media including web sites, brochures, advertisements and presentations to investors, industry analysts and prospects. By consistently repeating your message, you’ll create the awareness and demand that will give you the position you want in your market.

    Let’s Get Started

    Call us at (425) 688-0104 or email to discuss scheduling an on-site positioning workshop. Click here to sign up for the on-line workshop available at your convenience.

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