Positioning and Messaging Audit for B2B Products

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Audit your message strategy by answering three questions

A message strategy audit determines the effectiveness of your positioning strategy and whether you need to change or tweak it. The audit assesses your situation by answering these three basic questions:

  1. Is your marketing claim important to the target market?
  2. Is it unique?
  3. Is it consistently executed?

It’s a good idea to audit your message strategy every 12 months. By doing so, you’ll stay on top of your competitors’ marketing, and have confidence that you are delivering the right message to the market. There’s a lot of information you’ll need to gather to do a good job of answering each question, and we’ll explain what you need and why. Before we get into the detail, here’s a quick summary of the audit process.

eBook About How to Position

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The quick answers to the questions

Answer the first question by developing a list of key customer problems, and ranking them one through seven. Then determine if your positioning statement addresses one of the top problems in a benefit way. If it does, you are making a claim that is important to your target market. If it doesn’t address one of the top problems, you need to change your positioning statement.

A unique claim is one that only you are making. Test for uniqueness by analyzing competitors’ advertising and web site to determine how they are positioned. Then create a perceptual map that will show you whether your claim is unique or not. If you are making an important claim, but it’s not unique, you may want to consider changing your message strategy.

The key to successful positioning is to consistently execute your message strategy in all your marketing communications, and then repeat it over and over. Check for consistency by first evaluating advertisements, then your web site and finally press releases. The primary benefit should stand out in each medium. There are many reasons for inconsistent message strategy delivery. The audit identifies the causes, and recommends ways to deliver your message more consistently.

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