Show off your message strategy on LinkedIn

Want to get more attention and mind share on LinkedIn? Consider using your message strategy for posts, comments, profiles and the overview on your company page. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do and how much more effective your LinkedIn presence will be.

What is a message strategy?

A message strategy includes a positioning statement, three to four support points, and as much detail as necessary to guide all marketing communications including what you say on LinkedIn.

Your positioning statement is a short, declarative sentence that expresses a benefit that solves your target buyer’s most pressing problem. It becomes the theme for as much of your marketing communications as possible.

The reaction you want to your positioning statement is “that’s interesting. Tell me more. How do you do it?” Support points – three to four of them – explained the claim made in your positioning statement. They provide proof we need to believe the claim.

Support points include all the detail necessary to talk about your product or company. You can use it as a guide for how you communicate in all marketing situations such a LinkedIn.

The guide for what to say on LinkedIn

Your message strategies cover everything you want to say about your company or product. Just find the portion of the message strategy appropriate for a post, profile or a comment, adapt it to the situation and you’ve got your copy.

The easiest place to use your message strategy is on your company overview page. Start with your positioning statement, add support points, make some transition edits, and you’ve got a good company overview.

Many company and individual posts simply say we’re doing something (a webinar or a user meeting for example) and leave it to the connections to figure out why they should care enough to take the desired action. A more effective approach is to use a portion of your message strategy to explain why your connections should be impressed or care enough to learn more.

Your LinkedIn profile is another opportunity to use your message strategy. Depending on your role, you can use either the product or company message strategies or a combination. Some companies do this well. I’ve seen others with profiles so different, you wonder if the employees work for the same company and sell the same products.

You can do more than just “like” a post

For some “likes” it makes no sense to add a comment. But in enough cases to make a difference, including a comment along with your “like” will draw more attention to whatever you are liking to get more exposure such as significant investment in your company, record profits, a white paper, getting Gartner’s seal of approval, a product announcement, etc.

So instead of just liking a post about your company or product to get it in front of more viewers, use your message strategy to add a comment that explains why you like it. It’s a chance to highlight something important about your product or your company. Tell them why they should care and you’ll get more attention and mind share on LinkedIn.


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