“How to Position for B2B Marketing Success” Summer Workshop

“How to Position for B2B Marketing Success” Workshop

Get ready to create fall marketing campaigns with sizzle! Learn a proven formula that will help your company own a unique position with real meaning to your target market.

Act now and you’ll get $100 off and receive the ultimate guide to positioning — a $159 value — FREE with your workshop.



Summer is the best time to learn new skills. Take this workshop and then apply these new skills to your fall marketing campaigns.

Special offer: register now and get our $397 workshop for $100 OFF! The price of the workshop is only $297. The benefits of effective positioning are worth much more:

  • Increased sales, market share and profit
  • Stronger preference for your company’s brands
  • Higher competitive barriers
  • Committed, lifetime customers
  • Higher levels of marketing efficiency



Workshop attendees receive the book “Positioning Made Easy: The fast track to B2B marketing success” FREE. Normally $159, this book spells out the step-by-step process taught in the workshop, including tips, reminders, exercises, scenarios and links to relevant articles by the author.

In this two-hour online workshop taught by Messages that Matter co-founder Lawson Abinanti, you’ll learn how to create compelling, unique positioning strategies that have been taught to more than 1,000 marketers. Learn how to find a benefit-oriented message strategy that addresses your target market’s most pressing concern.


Need budget approval? Download the workshop brochure.

Don’t have time for a workshop? Buy book “Positioning Made Easy: The fast track to B2B marketing success.” It’s the textbook for the workshop and serves as a detailed resource when you develop a position for your company.

Don’t let summer end without sharpening your skills and refocusing your company’s positioning. Save $100 and get the ultimate guide to positioning free. Register now, right here:

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