No consistency and repetition. No position!

What happens when you aren’t using your position enough? By using it enough I mean consistently executing your position as the theme for all marketing communications. And repeating your position as much as possible in every marketing communication, and especially throughout your website.

Many B2B software and technology marketers seem unaware of the critical role that consistency and repetition play in claiming a position, that mental space in your target audience’s mind that you can “own” with an idea that has compelling meaning to the recipient. It’s in this mental space where your product’s most important benefit and the target’s most important need meet, stick together and form a meaningful relationship.

You stand out when you use the power of consistency and repetition

Your position won’t stick in your target audience’s mind unless you use the power of consistency and repetition. Several reasons are explained in this blog starting with research that found it takes at least 10 impressions before an advertisement is noticed.  

If it takes 10 impressions to be noticed, think of how many are needed to get your prospect to take action. Yet failure to consistently execute a position and repeat it often is such a big problem it’s hard to find a company doing it right.

Most treat their position like a well-kept secret, hiding it from public view. For example, a CEO recently touted his company’s new website, which looked good, and had a clear position on its home page. That position was never used again on the website.

Only one out of 150 websites uses the power of consistency and repetition

I’ve evaluated more than 150 websites in the last three weeks and only one is taking advantage of the power of consistency and repetition.

What do I mean by consistent? I mean sticking to your position as the central theme in all your marketing communications. Being consistent means delivering your message accurately in all media, all channels, all markets. Consistency will improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing program in the short term and create a leadership position in the long term.

Repetition means communicating your position over and over and over and over. Keep in mind your prospects know nothing about your offering, and they really don’t care. You’re competing with thousands of other messages. Put yours out there often.

The difference between consistency and repetition

Which is more important – repetition or consistency? Although repetition and consistent execution go hand in hand, repetition is the stronger partner. Repetition – that is, repeatedly exposing the target audience to executions of the same position over an extended time – is perhaps the most important factor in claiming a position and giving it staying power.

Why be so persistent? Your prospects know nothing about your offering, and they really don’t care. You’re competing with thousands of other messages. Put yours out there often.

That’s one of many takeaways from a book every B2B marketer should consider reading, “Neuromarketing. Understanding the “buy buttons” in your customer’s brain.” According to one of the authors, Patrick S. Renvoise, here’s why you make your position more memorable by repeating it over and over:

Repeat your position often so you will be remembered

“Even the repetition of a few simple words sends a strong signal to the brain, prompting it to note, ‘I should remember that.’ Repeat your claims so that the brain will bookmark them as important…

“The most solid and logical message, though it may interest your prospect, will not trigger a buying decision unless the brain understands and remembers it.”

An effective position helps your target buyers associate a benefit with your product or service that makes them want to buy. With some effort, time and money, you can claim a position by consistently executing an idea that has meaning to the target audience in all your marketing communications and then repeating it, and repeating it, and repeating it…

Without the power of consistency and repetition, it’s not possible to claim a position. With no position, marketing and sales effectiveness suffers. The solution is so simple, it’s ridiculous that there’s a problem in the first place. Just use your position in all your marketing communications!

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